The bridge between design & implementation

Hi, I’m Zoe. I’m good at lots of things.

I am a multi-dimensional arranger.

The best kind of digital expert is one who has worked in all three pillars: design, engineering & accounts. That’s me. I’ve been an Account Manager, Front End Developer & Senior UX Designer. I can balance quality, time & cost. I’ve been doing this for over seven years.

Zoe Jazz - Photography by Mark Murray
Credit: Mark Murray

I can speak all (human) languages.

I’ve worked at brand & digital agencies, a start up, client-side and not for profits. I’ve transformed luddites into confident WordPress & Craft CMS users. I can write technical specifications. I can speak Dev. I can brainstorm solutions with a designer while supporting their creative needs. I can pinpoint a colleague’s preferred way of thinking. I can call bullshit. I can manage up, down and sideways. I can ensure all parties are aligned and maintain scope.

I can be holistic & it doesn’t overwhelm me.

The big-picture can be essential for tailoring solutions to your business needs. I aim to consider all the touchpoints of your brand: your story, social media communications, your call centre’s tone of voice, the scalability of the design system, the long term potential of your data, your loyalists and your new audiences. I love collaborating with others to discover something that I hadn’t considered. I keep all these components front of mind throughout a project roll out and will apply insights when feasible to do so.

My work

I am passionate about environmental sustainability.

I run a zero waste blog called ‘Ain’t no Planet B‘ to educate, inspire and motivate others to reduce their impact on the natural world. I have completed two modules of Environmental Studies with RMIT through Open Universities. This was a great refresher on the Env. Science & Geography Courses I aced in High School. I strive to work for organisations that are actively reducing their environmental impact.

Zoe Jazz - Photography by Mark Murray
Credit: Mark Murray

Skills & Strengths

User experience design, Service design, Account management, Design thinking, Human centred design, Problem solving, Agile processes, Interaction design, Front end development, Visual design, Brand management, People management & Situational leadership.

What I do

Relevant Education

  • 2010-2012 RMIT: Adv. Dip. Interactive Digital Media
  • 2014-2016 Treehouse: Front End Dev training
  • 2016 iDEO: Human centred design 101
  • 2016 General Assembly: Design Thinking workshop
  • 2017 Brad Frost: Design Systems workshop
  • 2017 Open Uni / RMIT: Environmental Studies & Hazardous Waste

Get to know me

  • Gallup Strengths: Arranger, Individualisation, Developer, Relator & Communication.
  • Myers Briggs: ENFJ
  • Interests: Blues rock & grunge music, Singing, Zero waste, Doggos, Natural history, Good beer, Bushwalking.