Unravelling the digital ecosystem

What I did: I conducted qualitative research to unravel and visualise the disparate digital ecosystem that had grown organically across the entire organisation. Provided service design solutions for systematic and cultural enhancements. Ran collaborative exercises with relatable language that enabled everybody to feel confident about contributing ideas towards a shared vision.

Challenge: Wilderness Society’s digital interfaces spanned multiple platforms and multiple departments. This formed a fragmented digital ecosystem. As parts of this ecosystem developed and grew, there was a concern that no individual or department had a comprehensive understanding of the system. The resulting risk was potential duplication, oversight as well as scalability and capacity concerns.

Approach: In the interest of time, I chose to cap this project at three weeks. I followed design thinking methodology to empathise, define and ideate solutions. In this time, I did my homework on prior research, ran an organisational-wide survey, conducted over 20 personal interviews with internal staff, ran multiple team workshops to arrive at a succinct depiction of the current state of the world. After this, I presented a set of observations, recommendations, insights as well as a fun set of innovative ideas to consider in the long run. It’s an exciting time of rebirth at the Wilderness Society and I’m looking forward to seeing the true impact of this work unfold.

Working with: Matt Brennan and all of the Wilderness Society.

Role:Service Designer

Client: Wilderness Society