I arrange complex systems into a tree. I identify swim lanes. I comb spaghetti.

Hire me if you need a Service designer, Senior UX designer, Product designer, People manager or something else.

I am best placed in a problem-solving role such as Product, UX or Service Design where I can design systems and experiences based on research.

You can depend on me to:

  • Lead a team with a focus on developing people and improving culture.
  • Explore and understand the problem we are trying to solve.
  • Run formal and informal testing sessions to distill raw results it into tangible insights and recommendations.
  • Facilitate workshops, 1:1 interviews and team building exercises to arrive at solutions collaboratively.
  • Plan and organise people, infrastructure, communication and components.
  • Carry a project end to end.
  • Shape my input to suit the team.

I’m proud to have played a part in:

  • Leading a team to launch the Wilderness Society’s new Life Support brand, website, illustrated merchandise range and celebrity-endorsed campaign video with 2.4 million views.
  • Curating scalable product information architecture to meet user and engineering needs in Redbubble’s expanding three-sided marketplace.
  • Designing and launching Redbubble’s first iOS app and new-look design system.
  • Designing two Metro Trains apps to enable mass organisational change towards digitising internal systems.
  • Founding Ain’t no Planet B to inspire 11k loyal followers to live waste free.

Skills & strengths

User experience design, Service design, Account management, Design thinking, Human centred design, Problem solving, Agile processes, Interaction design, Front end development, Visual design, Brand management, People management & Situational leadership.